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  1. Had same isuue but wont be refitting it. Junk in my opinion and I was lucky it didnt blow my PC as it leaked onto Heatsink instead of GPU or M2 SSD.
  2. I just wanted to add that I had the same Issue with mine and was lucky to get away with it. It was dripping onto my M2 Heatsink and that stopped it from junking my GTX 1080Ti and/Or my M2 and Motherboard. I cannot raise a ticket as it does not recognise the serial number and it is being returned to the retailer. I have asked for a refund as its not fit for purpose in my eyes as there is no way that a sealed loop should leak in an electronic device, and I would never fit this product again.
  3. Hi, Just thought I would share my experience with you. I got my ML240L RGB in August and I thought it was quiet enough but it progressively got louder until in January I decided to have a look and see if it needed re-seating or something. Upon opening my case I found that the Pump/ CPU Block had been leaking and I was very lucky it didnt blow my M2 SSD, GTX 1080Ti and/or my Motherboard. You may want to check yours. I have attached 2 pics. The heatsink covered in the coolant is on my M2 SSD and the GTX is directly below it. I wont be fitting that again. Good Luck.