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  1. Nevermind. I got an email telling me the ticket I opened had been updated and that I should login and check my ticket out. I did so and finally there's a Link I can click with details on my case. I clicked on it and started looking for a "download RMA form" link but there isn't one. Instead, there's a printer icon with no text of any kind near it stating what it does. On a whim I clicked on it fully expecting it to open up the "Notes/Comments" section in a printable document and was quite surprised to see my RMA form. So I'm printing it out and will send my broken PSU in as requested. So far, I'm not impressed with the process.
  2. As per the RMA process, I received an email from CM telling me to download the RMA form. So I came here and logged into fanzone looking for the form. I can't find it. So I did a search and found the following page: Seems simple enough so I follow the steps. They don't work because the website, and links on the left side aren't the same as described on the linked page. At least, they're not for me. Here's what I see: I've tried all available links on the left side and cannot find "RMA status" (step #2 on linked page) anywhere and cannot find a link to an RMA form" A "forms" page that's easy to find makes simple sense. Attaching the actual RMA form to the email CM sent me saying to download it makes even more sense. Could someone please provide me with a link to the damn file!?!? TIA