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  1. The intelligent personal assistants have changed the way consumers interact with and operate a variety of devices. The artificial intelligence (AI) based technologies enable consumers to perform a variety of basic tasks – set reminders, set alarms, play music, stream podcasts, access news and create to-do lists – in their natural languages. They respond to the voice commands of consumers proactively and perform certain tasks efficiently. Some of these intelligent personal assistants are cross-platform, whereas others are platform-specific. Amazon has developed Amazon Alexa APP for pc as a cross-platform intelligent personal assistant. In addition to being compatible with various Amazon devices, Alexa can run on three mobile platforms - – iOS, Android and Fire OS. Also, it responds to the voice commands given by consumers in multiple languages. However, the consumers have to install specific Alexa skills on their devices to interact with specific smart appliances, access a specific website/service/app, or add new capabilities to the device.