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  1. I just posted another message on this forum about this topic, but yes, there is a solution. Cooler Master doesn't offer a bracket of this type, and parts availability for some of the most important accessories (hard drive cages, the full-size accessory cooling bracket) is so awful that honestly you couldn't be sure to find it even if it was offered. So you have to build it yourself. I got a flat narrow piece of aluminum at Home Depot and used it to fashion a bracket of my own. The pictures will tell the story, but let me suggest two things I learned from experience. First, you want to mount this from the inside of the case, not the outside. Mount it on the outside and it will cause the front plastic panel to bulge. The installed photo shows how it should be lined up. Second, there are mounting holes already drilled and threaded in the case. But you will need to drill holes in the aluminum pieces with great precision in order to get everything to line up properly. I suggest using a drill press. Also, to cut the aluminum pieces, I used a dremel tool.
  2. I'm a couple years late to this thread, but I can chime in on something. Earlier this year I built up a Cosmos C700P with all-new parts. The problem with the case is that it comes with just two HDD trays and offers only two 5-inch drive bays -- obviously it's aimed at the water-cooling market. But what about those of us who prefer air cooling, lots of goodies and a massive bank of hard drives? I obtained some of those incredibly-difficult-to-find hard drive trays, and I learned that in the C700P, the practical limit on hard drives, if you allow space between the trays, appears to be seven, and just six if you use the lower of the two 5-inch external bays. A few days ago, I decided to rebuild my old computer. I mean, it's vintage-2012, but the motherboard is stuffed with 32GB of DDR2 memory I can't use for anything else -- why not? I found the fastest CPU available for that particular motherboard, brand new and dirt cheap. And I was looking for a new case, I was stunned to see the previous-generation Cosmos II 25th anniversary edition was actually better suited to my needs -- it has three external 5 inch drive bays, and internal bays for 11(!) hard drives. No accessories needed. And they're marking them down these days, because they're old stock ($189 on Amazon). So anyway, my brand-new 25th Anniversary edition case is on the way, and soon I'll have an old Cosmos next to my new one.
  3. Hey, I see this post is a year old, and it is entirely possible that you have figured out how to lick this problem yourself. But I managed to solve it, too. I got a narrow, flat piece of aluminum at Home Depot and made my own bracket. There are appropriate mounting holes in the case, but to get everything to line up properly, you really need to drill with precision, using a drill press. I used a dremel tool to cut the aluminum pieces. This proved infinitely simpler than my earlier plan, obtaining one of those hard-to-find accessory cooling brackets and cutting it down to size. This works perfectly, and frankly, if I'd sprayed the bracket black, you'd never be able to tell this was homebuilt. One note -- I figured out that it makes sense to install this bracket from the inside of the case -- if you install from the outside, it will cause the plastic front panel to bulge, and things won't line up correctly.
  4. Hello all, I have an issue with the RGB controller in the C700P, but it's a little different than any I've seen mentioned on this forum. I used the case RGB controller to control all the RGB accessories in my computer. Using Y-connectors, this single controller is powering 10 fans and 5 other RGB accessories. This controller also controls the external case RGB strips. Now, here's the problem. Everything lights up in sync, just as it should. Except that on the 15 RGB accessories, I get red and blue but not green. On the external case RGB strips, I get red green and blue. So when the external strips are glowing yellow (a color that has a green tint), the internal accessories glow red. When the external strips are green, the lights on the internal case accessories are dark. And so forth. I'm wondering, could it be that I have too much of a power draw on a single controller? Should I link one of the outputs to a secondary controller and split the load? Or is there some other cause? I'll tell you, wiring up this RGB system was the biggest cable-management nightmare I've faced in 25 years of building my own computers, and I am reluctant to tear things apart and experiment if it has no value. Before I attempt to do this, am I barking up the right tree? Or is it possible that the controller is defective? Erik
  5. I saw your lament elsewhere on this forum, and responded, but in case you didn't get an email alert -- about six months ago, I found the elusive hard drive cages at a shop in Australia/New Zealand. I had to pay $100 U.S. for four, but these things seemed to be sold out/unavailable anywhere else in the world, and I counted myself lucky to find them. The supplier contact info is: PB Technologies Ltd Phone: 09-526-9200
  6. Avengingllama, I had the same problem you did, several months ago. I couldn't find the hard drive cages anywhere in the U.S. I suspect they were never made available here. I did figure out, based on forum posts here, that at one time they were available via the European Cooler Master site. But by the time I inquired, they were sold out. So I decided to scour the world. I looked at dozens of websites, all of which had the cages listed, but when I looked at the pages, I found that all were listed as sold out. I suspect many suppliers added them to their catalogs but never received the product. Except... What do you know, I found them in Australia. Several stores listed them as in stock, but I had to find a seller that was willing to ship internationally. Eventually I found one -- PB Technologies, which does business in Australia and New Zealand -- and I had to pay through the nose for shipping. Imagine, paying $100 U.S. for four hard drive trays! But I found them. At least six months ago, I can confirm, they were to be had in at least one corner of the world. That's where I would look. Erik
  7. I purchased a C700P case in February 2019, and discovered the same problem you did. Extra parts for the case were either sold out at the obvious merchant sites here in the U.S., or else they were never made available in the first place. Some I could find rather easily, like the backside glass door, which I too bought at Amazon. But other parts were scarce as hen's teeth, most notably the cooling bracket you mention, and the hard drive trays. They were sold out at the European Cooler Master site as well. Seemed like every site in Europe was sold out. So I expanded my search. You know what? I found them in Australia. They weren't bargains, and I had to pay through the nose for shipping. But I did manage to find them. So it is possible -- or at least it was about six months ago. Here's the funny thing. It turned out I didn't need that extra cooling bracket after all. I found a better way to solve my case-mod issue. So if you're still looking for one -- well, with shipping, this one cost me $60... Erik Smith