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  1. Hello, I have a 3.5 SATA HDD Seagate 3Tb Barrracuda 7200rpm drive that I'm trying to fit into the HDD bay on the H500P mastercase. I'm able to screw the case into the plastic tray that pops out. The manual says to use 2 screws for the 3.5 HDD. However, when I try to slide the tray back into the bay, the screws prevents the HDD from going in. This is really frustrating, as I'm clearly using the screws the manual is asking me to use. I've tried putting the 4 screws for the 2.5 HDD on the top 4 corners, and the tray slips off the HDD. I don't want my HDD just to rattle around inside there. What can I do? Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Please help! Thanks so much!