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    Front panel Audio only in mono

    Wow,i got to say coolermaster has the poorest customer service ever!No reply to emails,no replies via Twitter,Ticket system will not let me create a ticket at all. Garbage support,£220 case that does not work properly. Never again will i purchase a Coolermaster product!!
  2. Hi I have been trying to create a support ticket but it seems to be failing every time.So thought i would try here. Had my Cosmos 700p since November and only just got round to trying out the front audio as i mainly use a DAC. So tried my headphones in the front audio jacks and it is only coming through in mono,if i pull the headphone jack out slowly i get stereo for a split second. Headphones have been tested elsewhere so i know it is not them,and i have rechecked all connections to motherboard etc. I believe the headphone jack is faulty,try to get cooler master support or even create a ticket has been a pain. Can anybody from support please help me out or contact me. Thanks in advance.