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  1. Greetings, I just finalised mounting no less than 6 of your fans from the Master Fan Pro series with RGB, connecting them to my Aura RGB sockets on my Asus X470 Motherboard. Excellent stuff. Tried mounting the Master Air G100M that I have as well, but one of the mounting brackets for the screws on the backplate broke. Why? Because the screw in question were poorly threaded and nudged/jagged in the threads and the pastic thingies did not take the extra strain. I would appreciate a new mounting set, backplate, and screws, for AMD AM4 socket. Would have ordered it, but I can not see those spares available with an accurate enough description. Backplate in plastic with very small plastic "covers" that hold screws with square heads?? Why? Surely you have better things that can be used... Send me a PM for details.