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  1. hello ozono you need to buy argb fans... rgb fans are not compatible with this case.. .you need something like this... or this hope this helps it seems that coolermaster has abandoned this forum
  2. from coolermaster i have the cosmos, the ml360r and 3 more fans mf120r that came with a package 3 to 1, and i plan to replace the 3 front and the 1 to back with the mf140r fans From rgb components i have also the asus rog strix x299-e gaming motherboard that i can connect the argb header. now i have changed my setup and i have connect all the rgb's to cosmos controller and the cosmos to motherboard... what i have achieved is to control all the lights from the motherboard or from the cosmos switch but i have dismiss the ml360r controller completely. So with the coolermaster software can't control anything. But in this way the effects from the motherboard is a little slow because in order to light all the leds from cosmos i set the motherboard to 28 leds but fans have only 8 so the efects on the fans waits the case to finish and they don't look synchronized When solid colors are used the result is as it should.. And About the fan speed do you have any experience why it is always rotate at full speed when to set it to PWM control i have attached pictures of my setup Sorry for my bad English
  3. Hello as the title says what software do i need to use to control the c700m rgb functions? i download masterplus that it seems but there is no option for cosmos??? is it possible your most expensive case does not have software to control its functions? i try to use the controller that came with the ml360r water-cooling but i have the same issue as another guy in this forum that only half the leds are lighting when using the controller... so i thing that the masterplus needs to be updated to support the cosmos c700m or please point me to software that works with this case please guys someone And another thing is that the switch that controls the fans when you set it to work with motherboard PWM it always rotate at full speed when it supposed to controlled by motherboard... i have connect the 4 pin header from controller to 4 ping PWM fan socket on my motherboard but whatever setting i use it always rotates the fans at full anyone have noticed this issue?