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  1. stonowinnerz

    Differently Colored LEDs on ARGB Fans - M120R ARGB

    Controller isn't compatible with any third-party software (so far), plug splitter directly to mobo.
  2. stonowinnerz

    Silent Pro Hybrid Function Panel Adapter?

    Hello, you should forward that question to support, you can contact them via ticket. And tbh, this forum is dead. Their support is much better (max 24h response time, for me ) Thank you
  3. stonowinnerz

    software to control c700m ARGB

    Hello, can you please tell me your components you want to control via software? Its C700M and ML360R, is there any more argb components? Then we will manage how u will connect it. Thank you
  4. stonowinnerz

    Differently Colored LEDs on ARGB Fans - M120R ARGB

    Hello, are you using controller or no? Did u put the fans into splitter? What software are u using for control leds? Thank you
  5. stonowinnerz

    Power Noise!

    Hello, with what do you need to help? I already told u, contact seller for replacement.
  6. stonowinnerz

    RGB 1 fan color different from other 3 fans

    Hmmm, I do not have RGB stuff (just aRGB), if u will not fix it, contact support via ticket.
  7. stonowinnerz

    Mk750 Lighting Effects

    Hmmm, then I don't know. I do not have "software compatible" keyboard :/ just Masterkeys Lite L. You should contact support via ticket. Thank you
  8. stonowinnerz

    HAF X 942 Black Edition MB Screws

    Hello, about what type of screws are you talking? For mounting motherboard into case? The screws should come with case. And u said that u are using case 5-6 years, so you have mounted other motherboard in it, just unmount it and mount new.
  9. stonowinnerz

    Mk750 Lighting Effects

    Hello, you can change effects in Cooler Master Portal software
  10. stonowinnerz

    RGB 1 fan color different from other 3 fans

    Hello, where did u put the splitter? Did u use the controller?
  11. stonowinnerz

    Missing Screws and Standoffs

    Hello, do not contact customer services, contact seller and ask for replacement.
  12. stonowinnerz

    Power Noise!

    Just contact seller for replacement.
  13. stonowinnerz

    Power Noise!

    Hello, I am by no means an expert on PSUs, but I think it is just broken fan inside. Contact seller about replacement.
  14. stonowinnerz

    my pc does not recognize my keyboard

    Hello, I have that keyboard too, it's running without problems. Can you try different usb port and keyboard? Thank you
  15. stonowinnerz

    Power Noise!

    Hi, can you be more specific? Post video or something? Thank you