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    Wavemaster Audio Problem

    So I contacted my motherboard manufacturer MSI and I got a quick and short email response. "It seems that the case connectors are not matching the pin out for the front audio connectors and the usb ports do see if can contact the case manufacturer and verify the case connectors also there is no way to get the front and rear audio to work can only use one or the other" So there might be a problem with my case. I've tried to contact tech support for days but haven't had any luck. I will search around some more and will call customer service on monday. (i'm hoping it's not as bad as tech support). Once I get a response from them I'll post here and hopefully, maybe it will solve some of these problems for us.
  2. ZiggyAJ

    Wavemaster Audio Problem

    I am having problems getting the microphone to work through the front connectors on my Cooler Master Wave Master case. I am using an MSI Neo-FIS2R motherboard with built in sound. The mic works fine through the back port. I read the motherboard manual and it told me to hook the cables up: AUD_MIC to pin 1, AUD_GND to pin 2, AUD_FPOUT_R to pin 5, and AUD_FPOUT_L to pin 9. Those are all the cables that came with the I/O function panel. The sound works perfect, no problems. The mic does not work through the front, but it does work from the back. Also I'm recieving the a similar problem with the USB ports. I hooked them up correctly onto my motherboard, but they don't seem to be working. I've tested all the USB ports using my USB flash drive and they all work except the 2 front ones. I've tested and checked the cables and connections several times, but have gotten the same results. Please help. Thanks. (I'm thinking there is a problem with the cables or the I/O function panel. If that is the problem, would it be possible to buy these replacement parts from Cooler Master and how much?)