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  1. Thanks for trying to help but my Asus MB doesnt have RGB header so it won't support sync mode. That's fine for me as cycle and static should work. All I need now is to buy a Sata Cable to connect my Control Layout Board from C700P to my Power Supply ( why they didnt give us this cable when buying C700P case :D?! ... -.-").
  2. Hello All. I have a problem and I need someone to explain me how to make my RGB led strips work on my C700P case. I have motherboard Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Aura. I have attached pictures of my Control board layout and cables that I have. I quess that the problem is fans and LEDS are not working because they dont receive power source at all...but than how can I do it ? should I buy sata cable and connect CBL to my power ? I really love C700P design and I will say always thats the best case I've ever seen but guys comeon, this should be much easier and less trouble to finish building this case After I finished building my case I have seen that power buttons works fine BUT fans and led strips doesnt work at all. I have no idea how can i connect STEB BY STEP to make my RGB led strips working by switching buttons on front panel... Im looking forward to some help, advice. I've gone through many problems with this case as I had to order new glass panel as the one I received didn't stick to the holder. After I received my glass panel and finished building finally my C700P i figured out that there is no way to connect CBL to power source (if thats the problem) or make LEDS and FANS work... BTW, You guys should really write better manuals and explain step by step how to connect everything together to make it work, instead of just writing down the name of the connectors or explaining what does each connector do..