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  1. Can anyone confirm CFM and fan RPM for the Notepal XL? Cooler Master's website lists the CFM as ~90 and the RPM as max 1000. However, I have seen videos showing the max fan speed as 800 RPM. Would it be accurate to say that this is currently the most powerful laptop cooler CM offers? I have a new gaming laptop with a desktop (Intel 8700) processor and need something to cool it down. Sadly, the original Storm SF-19 is no longer available.
  2. Can anyone confirm the CFM and fan speed of the Notepal XL? I am looking to buy a powerful laptop cooler. Sadly, the SF-19 is out of production, and the Notepal XL appears to be the best available with CFM listed ay ~90 in specs on CM website. However, I question if this is accurate as fan RPM is also listed as max 1000, while max RPM is apparently listed as 800 on box. The X3 could be an alternative with supposed 76 CFM.