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  1. Hi Nicole, thanks so for the detailed explanation. In my case, the fan power connection is a molex connection. Plug that to the PSU and the 3 fans spin without problem. The Sata connection if for the RGB light on the case front panel button. Both are connected to the PSU. So I have power in all 3 fans, and RGB light in the case front panel button. No problem there. The issue is with the fans RGB part. For the RGB part, all 3 fans are connected to a 3x2 splitter (sorry my OP says is 3x1 when is actually a 3x2 splitter): 3 RGB inputs from 3 case fans are connected to this splitter. 2 cables comes out: 1 is labeled as compatible with Gigabyte, and the other is labeled as compatible with ASUS (my mobo is ASUS), Ashrock and MSI. Then, there is the cable from the case panel. A 4 pin (only 3 with connector pins) male cable. This was factory connected to the 4 pin ASUS labeled cable going out from the RGB splittter. When connected, there s is no RGB light in case panel button AND fans. When disconnected, there is RGB light on the case panel button BUT NOT on the RGB fans. I will take some pictures and upload here later so you can all see what I mean. Hope I can solve this, because the case without those 3 RGB fans lighting up looks...not that good. Best, regards Joe.
  2. Hi, Bumping this thread because I have just got a MB530P case too and my 3 front fans are running with no RGB color at all. Did you solve your problem? Here is my issue if you want to look at it: Regards, Joe.
  3. Hi all, I got a MasterBox MB530 case, and I must say is by far the best case I have owned so far. But I am frustrated because I cant figure out why none of the 3 front fans lights are working. The are powered and spinning just fine but I can't the EGB lights to work. And that was one of the reasons for choosing this case. Each fan has 2 set of cables coming out of them: one to power the fan, and another to connect and sync the RGB LEDs with the mobo. All 3 fans power cables are connected to a 3x1 molex power connector. No problem here. Connect this cable to the PSU and they run just fine. Also, all 3 fans are connected to a 3x1 RGB splitter cable. This is to sync RGB colors with your mobo if you want. So, in my understanding, RBG lights should turn on just by powering the fans. You should be able to control the fans colors with the RGB button in the front panel without connecting them to the mobo. In other words, they should light up by just powering them. Am I doing something wrong here. I will appreciate any help or advice on this. Thanks!