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  1. Hey mine is less then 2 months old and I am hearing a gurgling/bubbling noise today. I am assuming mine is yours the same OP? Also I am looking for a fix. Thanks
  2. Hey all I am sure I am just missing something simple. I have connected everything but I don't have any RGB lighting coming on. Its connected like this: I am not great with explaining these connectors so sorry lol The two coming from the pump itself I have the one that shows it going to the controller box and then the 3 hole connector coming from the pump I put in the CPU_OPT spot as it was close. (??) I have the Fans split and then connected to the CPU_Fan spot and their other connectors connect to that 3:1 spliter and then to the Controller box Everything has a home so I am totally confused. Any help would be great. My MB is an Asus Z170. Thanks