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  1. The forum where there are no replies or any input from staff, moderators, members or any technical support staff of cooler master. A complete waste of time, effort and server space. What a joke.
  2. I've recently bought a H500 for a new build and have added an MF120R in addition to the 2x MF200R that are included with the case. The RGB works fine with the basic controller that is included, which connects through SATA, but how do I get the RGB on the fans to work with Mystic Light on the MSI mobo? I have tried plugging the 1-to-3 RGB cable directly into the mobo, without the RGB controller, but this does not work. The power cable that runs from the RGB is SATA, so won't plug into the 4 pin JRGB1 4 pin header on the mobo. Help please!