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  1. I clean everything twice a month.
  2. I have the MasterLiquid 120ml Lite, without the RGB controller. Therefore, the liquid cooler goes through a color spectrum at all times. About 4 days ago, I noticed this was no longer the case, and is showing a static red, instead. I didn’t think much of it. 2 days ago, upon playing a game I usually play for hours a day, my GPU temps were at 68c AND my case was warmer than usual to the touch, after just 10 minutes of gameplay. My GPU is fine. But I’m wondering, is the color change in the cooler related to the all of a sudden rising temps for my GPU and case overall? I’m concerned the pump is not functioning properly. What is the randomly change in RGB lighting mean? I have owned my rig for about 5-6 months now, it came with the liquid cooler installed and hasn’t given my any issues. My temps usually do not get any higher than 55 degrees Celsius, even after hours of playing games on ultra settings, while streaming as well. I’d appreciate any feedback I can get.