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  1. Ok, I ordered a special new splitter that doesn't require any extra connection to some other cable, it plugs straight from the fans to the motherboard. Unfortunately, the problem is still not fixed and the fans are simply not lighting up anymore. Here is me with my RGB software open, with light settings turned on--no light response from the fans. What is preventing them from working?
  2. I've plugged the splitter cable directly into the motherboard, rather than connecting it to the controller and then to the motherboard, but now the fan lights have completely turned off. There's an extra 5-pin connector on the splitter cable, which is supposed to connect to the controller, for which I can find no cable that can connect it to the PSU, which I'm assuming is why the lights won't turn on. Is the included splitter cable somehow not powerful enough to draw the required power straight from the motherboard, and so needs to pull power from the PSU? Am I supposed to use an ARGB splitter that specifically does not have this incompatible 5-pin head? Do I need to buy an entirely new splitter for these LEDs to work as intended?
  3. They are plugged into both the controller and the motherboard, with the controller mode set to the use-motherboard-software mode. I'm using ASRock's Polychrome software, which these fans are compatible with. They are plugged together with a splitter.
  4. I have managed to get my ASRock RGB software to recognize my 3-pack of ARGB fans, and I can now change the colors and modes--for the most part. I have found another problem, though: some LEDs refuse to listen to the instructions that the software gives them, and they both keep to the breathing mode and stay their rainbow color. The pictures attached show what the fans look like when I've told them to be static white--the three rainbow-colored LEDs seen on each of them stay rainbow-colored, and keep breathing. The affected lights are also all in the same relative position on each fan (I accidentally installed the top fan in the wrong orientation, which is why the rainbow lights come out of the left rather than the right). I've flashed the software a couple of times now, just to see if that did the trick, but the lights stay unresponsive. Is there anything I can do to get all the lights working as they should?
  5. I recently bought a 3-pack of the MF120R-ARGB fans, planning on hooking them up to the addressable RGB header on my ASRock B450 Fatal1ty Gaming K4 motherboard and using the ASRock software to control the lighting settings. However, the lighting does not respond to any input that I put into the RGB settings in the software. This surprises me, as on both on the Cooler Master page of the product and the retailer page where I bought it, ASRock software is explicitly outlined as compatible with the ARGB lighting of these fans. Besides not responding to my software, the fans work perfectly fine--they respond to the included controller's light settings, and adjust their speeds according to my PWM settings. I'm just not sure why the fans aren't following the software settings. Everything is plugged in and installed as dictated in the manual. When I press the button on the manual controller that tells the fans to accept motherboard-fed lighting instructions, the lights just turn off and stay off, no matter what I do in the software. Can anyone point me in the right direction, so that I can get my lighting working properly? Or is there somehow something else I may be missing entirely? Thanks. The product page on the Cooler Master site for the fans is: The Amazon page where I bought the fans from: