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  1. the first is to power your fan(s)looks like an 3 pin power connector and loop for another 3 pin cooler second one is a 12v rgb conection
  2. https://www.cmstore.eu/case/cosmos-ii-and-cosmos-ii-25th-anniversary-edition-tempered-glass-side-panel-left/ i got mine august 2018
  3. Yes with a firmware update it is controlable with the master plus software i just dl the firmware of the argb watercooling set https://coolermaster.egnyte.com/dl/Euit8tHb4L run the program , followed the instructions and it worked.
  4. nice piece of montage the two iron things u use as a clamp should be mounted with 2 little screws on the cooler itself then mount it on the mainboard
  5. https://coolermaster.egnyte.com/dl/Euit8tHb4L this one should work
  6. https://coolermaster.egnyte.com/dl/Euit8tHb4L that one worked for my mini controller
  7. hi acording the manual online it should have a sata power port if you hook that up than the cable thats supposed to go to the MB plug it on to the RGB header on your asus MB (the power sata plug should go on the top end next to the front panel control) i only worked with rgb controllers that come with cooler sets and they all need a power source else the light wont turn on
  8. yes it does i have a cosmos II and with tainted side panel (orderd at european store of codemaster) fits perfect and looks great
  9. hi the terminal is connected tru usb (comes with external and internal connectors aura software will find it tru the usb no need to hook it up on the mainboard connector i have 1 argb (led strip in aura) connector and one rgb connector both connected and controllable within aura. in aura on the top you can sync all the controllers or set them sepperatly ,the terminal i have came with 3 ledstrips 2x 30 cm 1x 60 cm and i already owned a 60 cm rog argb led strip (connected to terminal) 2x 120 argb hd coolers(on mb strip header) also have 3x 140 rgb coolers ,cm610 cpu cooler,and a 200 front rgb 120 front rgb cooler connected to the rgb connector on mb (Asus Prime X299-deluxe) al work nice in my 25th an cosmos II tower
  10. I am not shure about that but i have the asus terminal hooked up to 4 rog ligtstrips. 2 x 15 2 x 30 and a dual set op mf120 r argb coolers (15 leds each) connected to mainboard argb port can all be controlled by the asus software individual or all togheter. so lets say 11 coolers with 15 leds per cooler must be possible
  11. hmmm 9 argb fans (no go with the mini controler can only connect 3 coolers) i know cm has a rgb controller with 4 ports but not yet seen a Argb controller with 4 ports you could look for something like this https://www.amazon.com/Asus-Addressable-Controller-Four-Ports-ROG/dp/B07J6MY5CJ this will give you 4 connection ports extra and is fully compatible with your asus board
  12. so a ARGB controller will not work you need something like this http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/cooling-rgb-accessories/rgb-led-controller/ its a rgb controller you need
  13. think you need a ARGB controller on your mainboard you only have a RGB (4 pin 12v r g b)you need a 3 pin argb controller to get this working correctly
  14. well it should be possible,you can order splitter cables for the 4 pin rgb i have 2 1 to 4 splitters to connect the 7 coolers in my case you can only choose one option or control it tru the aura conector on your mb or control it tru the cm controler its your choice
  15. as far as i have been dealing with rgb and argb fans on an asus prime X299 de luxe . there is no need for the coolermaster controllers . conect the coolers to the correct conections on mb ( do not mix rgb with argb on one connection it wil not work correctly)
  16. could be your cable has a problem ? does it also do the same on the 2.0 and 3.0 ports? no need for a new tower just replace the panel its cheaper https://www.cmstore.eu/spare-parts/cosmos-ii-control-panel/