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  1. i have received a new controller, new front panel and new top panel, same problem....
  2. Hi Gennaro, you're not alone.. see others topics. you can open a ticket here : Good luck....
  3. After a few days, I have the problem again despite the new pcb and new parts ...
  4. I received the new pcb and I installed it. Everything finally works correctly! The new pcb is different from the old one: there is two connector for SATA power. I ask Cooler Master to make a small gesture to compensate for all these problems, I await their answer. Good luck to those who still have the problem. In the end three pieces must be changed to solve the problem: the front panel, the top and the pcb.
  5. Got this message from the support : We have checked with our case team and it's most likely that the issue is also caused by the PCB. Our case team has confirmed that they updated the PCB to avoid such issues. We expect to receive those new updated PCB's within 1-2 weeks and will ship one to you a.s.a.p. Once again, sorry for this inconvenience and let us know when you have any other question. Kind regards, Cooler Master Support
  6. i have already try to change my case... same result. (but the new case doent have the new front panel)
  7. new message to the support... and again... wait....
  8. got the new top kit today, same problem....
  9. i use this url :
  10. The support had sent me another controller card, I tested, the problem is still present. so he sends me a new kit for the top again.
  11. Following this problem, I contacted the support who sent me a new kit for the front panel. Connectivity has been changed on the new kits, and now the top panel connects directly to the front panel. (a new connector with the two pins is present) Part of my original problem is fixed: the LEDs change color well without problem even for a long time. Unfortunately the new kit from the top is defective, some LEDs do not work ...
  12. Today I received the replacement kit for the top panel. After mounting, I see that the LEDs of the new kit do not work: I check the connection cable, and it has only two pins while the same cable on the old kit had 3 pins....
  13. the button at the top right makes it possible to change the color of the led. you have to press it several times to change the color
  14. New message from the support : Dear Sir/Madam, We had a few customers with the same issue and after replacing the top panel including LED's the problem was solved. We have noted your address and will send out a new top panel with new LED's a.s.a.p. once we received these again. We hope to have these available within 4-6 weeks (can be earlier). Let us know when you have any other question and sorry for any inconvenience. Kind regards, Cooler Master Support
  15. Got this reply from the support today : Dear Sir/Madam, Then most likely the LED's on top of the panel are faulty. At this moment we do not have new top panels available with new LED. We therefore suggest to return the case back to the store where you bought it from and replace the case with a new one. If you prefer to wait on a new top panel with new LED's, then please provide us your address and we will send out a new top panel a.s.a.p. once we received them. We are really sorry for any inconvenience. Kind regards, Cooler Master Support I remind them that this is my second case (following a first exchange). I asked if the new LEDs had a new revision that corrects the problem. I'm waiting for their answer. .