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  1. Wait, isn't the H500P with RGB fans? I thought only the H500M had ARGB fans.

    200mm ARGB fan

    I searched but they are not selling the ARGB 200mm fans yet. I am with H500M. The fans are great and you can set individual lighting on each LED but they are limited in terms of functionality ( if you set custom LED lights they are only static you cannot add any additional lighting effects on them until Cooler Master upgrade their software). I have detailed everything in their reddit page in the following post:
  3. Why are you mounting the AIO like this. Just mount the radiator fans on top of the radiator (on the other side of the case chassis)
  4. It doesn't work for me either. I use CoolerMaster MasterPlus software to manage my fans RGB lights. Even after installing all latest firmware I was not able to get them to work with Aura Sync. You might be able to get them to work if you plug in the addressable RGB fans directly into the ARGB header of the motherboard instead of the RGB fan controller (I haven't tested that yet but it should work).