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  1. Thank you from another thread. Now my ARGB controller is detected like this and I can control fan colors
  2. I connected the mini USB to my USB port and this showed up: And the controller is unable to change the colors of the fan through the software Sad, because the manual said "download fan software" from the website.... Feeling cheated...
  3. in my opinion the controller should work with the fans. just make sure you get the right controller. there is RGB and Addressable RGB (mini one). get the RGB controller for your fans.
  4. I got the Coolermaster ARGB 3 fan pack with the mini ARGB controller. Then later I found out my motherboard does not have the ARGB header (lol). But there is a mini-usb port which the controller video shows : This wire is not included in the box, and the video shows the guy connecting the mini-USB to USB and then the USB to the motherboard USB header. Question is - if I set this up, will the Masterplus software detect it? And why wasnt this cable included in the first place?