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    Wtf h500m

    Got my case and was setting it up, when I got to the argb controller one of it's pins is melted and plastic is stuck to one of the connectors. I haven't even connected a power supply to the case. First Newegg sends me the wrong case, then I have to pay more then half the cost for shipping to return it since I'm in Alaska. Then I get the correct one and I have to deal with this. Like wtf kinda crap is this. Can't even put in a damn support ticket because that's broken too! " Error parsing NaN value. Path '', line 0, position 0." So until I get them to send me a new one, wtf can I do? If I remove the board and connect the fans will they still work just with no rgb? If that's melted could connecting anything else that was already connected to the board short my :) out?