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  1. I should of not tried to build this PC with a Noctua D15. I managed to do it, and my CPU is fine. Everything worked out well in the end. PHEW! This case has is awesome, just has bad airflow and sadly is more for water builds. Thank you Mohd Noh for your reply. Take care. The case also was a bit tricky for me at first as I accidentally unplugged the cables from the board itself that comes with the case to light it. II had all these cables and I didn't know where the 3 little ones went and it drove me insane lol. I finally figured it out, and it was easier than I thought. Love the case. I may say goodbye to my D15 and go under the water, but I have grown attached to my d15.
  2. Sigh. I BLEW MY CPU UP LOL! Time to get another one. This case may go into the bin also.
  3. Really wanted to get my PC up before Christmas. I loved this case SO much, I even bought 2 of them just for the extra hard drive bays, as they didn't sell them online at the time due to they were sold out so yeah. We don't have any RTX cards here in Australia so good luck getting one until next year especially the one I want which is the OC strix model and I just could not wait. Anyway, I finally built my first PC. I nearly had heart attack when I thought I snapped my CPU latch when it crunched and locked in haha. I was in no rush to build and took a whole day. It was more relaxing than stressful so that was good. I just hope I don't have to pull my WHOLE PC apart again just to fix the case lights. Build is: i9-9900k at 5.2Ghz. 32 gigs of Corsair 3000mhz LPX ram DDR4. 2x 1080 Ti's at 2100mhz Asus Strix OC models. Noctua D15 cooler. Asus Maximus XI Hero motherboard. 1000w Corsair PSU. Asus PG27UQ 144hz, Gsync, 4k, HDR Monitor. Anyway my RBG lights on my C700p are not working. I am so happy my PC turned on and everything is running well. I thought I put TOO much paste on hahahaha. Anyway, the temperatures at 5.2ghz are 35c idle at 1.35v. I probs could lower the voltage, just I am lazy and started with 1.35v. Please help me get the case lights working. I have done something wrong! My thermaltake RGB lights work perfectly fine. Thank you everyone and have a wonderful Christmas! https://imgur.com/a/SJk3uK5