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  1. We are all the same, do not let this fall. What is needed for Cooler Master to pay attention to us? to be a famous youtuber? We have purchased one of the most expensive power supplies on the market and it turns out that it is super noisy and its software is reset at every restart. Well, I'm not satisfied. Cooler Master fix it or refund us the money !!
  2. What if you put the software to keep the options when you press the "save" button? I choose the profile "Silent" and at each reboot of the system it returns to the profile "Default" ignoring my configuration.
  3. The months pass and we continue the same. Every time I turn on my computer it sounds like it was a cheap computer manufactured 15 years ago. This is a real shame. How can you ignore your clients in this way?
  4. Every time I restart the Windows application "CM Connect" I select the "Default" profile and the fans make a lot of noise. I select "Silent" or any other profile and at the next reboot the device loses the configuration again and "Default" is selected again