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  1. Hello. I purchased a couple of computers a year or 2 ago . The company I purchased from does not have any fans - and their support is pretty crap ( ultimately I don't want to deal with them ) . I am in New Zealand. The computers I purchased are Each case has a 200mm fan in the front and a smaller one at the back ( nothing on the top ) . Both of the 200mm fans make the unit sound like a small tractor , very noisy. I am trying to figure out the simplest way to replace the 200mm fan in each unit. I don't care if I get smaller fans & put them elsewhere - as long as it serves the purpose it is meant for. The page above has a "liquid cooler compatability list" - but the link doesn't seem to go to anything that actually matches the list there. I would appreciate some help. It hasn't been a wonderful experience .. and I may look at another brand in future if I can't get this sorted easily. Thanks for your time. Marty