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  1. Cooler master EU has cooling brackets for the C700M they fit the C700P also.
  2. I have ordered from CM EU now twice, They have been great Mr Jacobs is very helpful, They have the goods in stock and shipping is expensive to the US but its on your doorstep in a few days,I cant say enough about them they didnt have stock on an item but grabbed one off a returned case and threw it in for zip ,I love my C700P this kind of service keeps me coming back to CM!! BTW if anyone is looking for the cooling bracket the one on the C700M is the exact same as the P its just not as deep.
  3. I have searched all over for the C700P cooling bracket MCA-C700R-KCB000 and cant find it anywhere in stock or available ,Does anyone know how to get one of these? Why are these simple parts so hard to get?
  4. Cooler Master support has taken care of me and my parts are in route Thanks for the Help here!!
  5. +1 I would love to be able to get the GPU bracket on the M for my P series case.
  6. Thank you for the Help! I hope to have the replacement part soon.
  7. I submitted a RMA for my C700P back in 5/4/18 I have a defective IO panel and was told the part would be shipped soon im still waiting the RMA has been closed and I got support on the phone a few months ago and was told it would be shipped in a couple weeks ,I have tried calling customer support again but cant get anyone on the phone ,As of today 11/29 still nothing heres my parts request # PRUSUS1805023 hopefully someone will take care of this .