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  1. You can claim the damage at the cooler master support, You must send the damaged parts to them and they will assess the damage that is done by this liquid cooler. This liquid cooler has a very high failure rate. Best avoided period. You'd be better of with a NZXT or Corsair brand.
  2. Good afternoon, So i had a bad start of the day. When i was doing some browsing, my screen suddenly turned black for a few seconds and then shut down with a weird buzzing noise, strange. So i tried to reboot it but this time it wouldnt even turn on and i smelled something really weird from my pc. As soon as i opened up my pc, i have noticed something really awful on my ML240R pump, it leaked so bad with green coolant dripping from the pump yikes, so i removed my gpu and checked it for damage. By looking at it, the damage was already done. My pci-e slot was corroded with greenish coolant leaking from the pump, my expectations is that it took along with my gpu and motherboard with it and probably several other components. I have bought this ml240r AIO on March 3 2018 and never had experienced any issues until now. My system specs: Motherboard: MSI Z170 Gaming m3 CPU: Intel Skylake 6600k GPU: Msi GTX 980 Gaming RAM: Corsair 16GB LPX 2400mhz DDR4 SSD: Samsung 970 Evo NVMe m.2 500gb HDD: Seagate Barracuda ST3750528AS PSU: Corsair rm650x 650w Please help. Kind regards, mrzhao