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  1. Ok, So I have came across a situation whilst building a computer for my Sisters Boyfriends kid. The kid wants all these RGB lights. So I purchased the Cooler Master MasterBox Pro 5 RGB and the Cooler Master Master Liquid Ml240L RGB. ok so I wanted to mount the radiator on the top but then I realized it wasnt possible because their is no mounting points. I was trying to mount the radiator on the front 3 fans. but it wasnt working out becuase none of the screws could work to mount it so, I removed the 3 fans in the front of the computer by removing the face casing. Then the radiator mounted, cool. But now I cant put the 3 fans back on the front. I would like the Lights to stay on the front or the computer because the kid wants it. Ill attach photos incase they help. This is the inside of the computer on the front where I mountd the radiator This is how i have it mounted on the front of the computer.