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  1. Was using a 15: Philips 107T4 CRT along with an EAGLE Ndivia FX5600 256 MB since I built my PC 2 years back. Along with the installation was a COOLDRIVE4. The CRT is D-SUB VGA connection. I just got my hands on a SHARP LL-172-GB 17" LCD Monitor which I connected via the graphics card's DVI output. On restarting the PC, a continous beep (not beep beep, rather like BBBEEEEEPPPPPP) is heard from the COOLDRIVE4 unit. 1st time, the PC refused to bootup, 2nd time... with the beeeeepp... it booted up with both monitors working. Unable to deal with the sound, I disconnected one of the monitors and the PC started working normally. Swapping either monitors (either D-Sub or DVI), the PC works fine. The minute I connected both, the BEEEPPPP sound came up again. Resetting and all of a sudden, the screen becomes blank, none of the fans are working, the PC is working fine with both monitors. I have went through most of the COOLDrive4 issues in this forum and the closest is : http://www.coolermaster.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1826 I am unable to understand why a video connection can cause the COOLDRIVE unit to fail? Has anyone encountered this? Any solutions...?? Thanks for reading and to any advice given.
  2. Hey it's great to see someone from Singapore showing their modding experiences. Great job you have done so far. Like Johan had said, "Thot O/C in Singapore was quite dead" it does fit your profile. Keep us updated on your progress! Cheers
  3. The Cooldrive4 and 6 both have the back portion totally open, so it does not matter IDE, SATA, SCSI. The cables all would be able to pass through the back side.... Cheers and have a nice day
  4. Thanks .. Just PM me cause I think the answer would get lost with a lot of discussion on other topics. It got some people in Singpapore excited about using this on other cases. I would like to say it fits, but it is best for you to try out 1st. Cheers and have a nice day
  5. Hi, Just to get some understanding cause in Singapore Forums, we were discussing. It was stated in both CoolerMaster and Singapore Retailers website that it can be fitted onto a ATX casing (non Stacker). How much truth is in it. Singapore Forums do say that the unique bay covers for Stacker allows the air to be sucked in but I do disagree as air flow is still allowed from the bottom of the any casing
  6. That looks like a breather filter hole that is located at the top cover. (Based on previous work experience in the disk drive industry). As long as it is not totally sealed off (as in airtight) which I doubt so as the CoolDrive4/6 would be touching first on the label as opposed to the top of the cover, you should be safe putting the drive into CoolDrive4/6
  7. oinkypig

    SFF Chassis

    I did remember some company coming out a SFF with a external PSU, it made it smaller (but could be roomier if you keep it to the same size) though you got to lug the PSU as an external unit. CM could come out the same concept but with different external PSU sizes in 350, 450, 550W so that different users could customize their SFF with their needs. GAMERS Vs Asthetic User (we want it nice)... Vs Normal Users..
  8. oinkypig


    Singapore's distributor (I asked and they replied in E-mail) says their due shipment in are in Aug for cases with the side window. For now it ships with the windowless panel. Anyway, my thoughts are the 350W PSU is rather small for usage. Was hoping for something more in the 400W range, but I guess Coolermaster's distinction from 350 to 450W (real power model) would be correct. Think if we did a poll, most of the forum people would swap out the 350W for a bigger one. If I remember for the CAV2/4, the PSU is not really ATX (mounts) and you cannot swap to your preferred PSU. Just something to remember for CAV2/4 users
  9. oinkypig


    And I am holding back my purchase of Cav1 cause I WANT the side window. In Singapore, the Cav1/3 is sold without the side window. Though the PSU is part of the package. You can always swap the PSU with your preferred one.
  10. Think this is a similar problem that surface with the Cav1 Oil Temp issue. Wonder if this has been attended to? http://www.coolermaster.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=194
  11. Hi, just read this up http://www.ivmm.com/ Is CoolerMaster/Inno3D implementing the Viva VGA Cooling system on their high end products? Or there is something else which CoolerMaster would be using with Inno3D?
  12. Wow... that really sticks out a lot, some reviews did mention it sticking out But yours really looks bad http://www.datafuse.net/cooldrive4.php My casing has sliding rubber rail which snap on (screwless design). So I can select how much it sticks into/out of the casing. You circled my problem correctly, the fan wires are sticking out and if one is not careful, you tend to damage it. Ron, yep... unfortunately I got no more sensor(s) to attached for the CPU... so it beeps all it likes and disturbs my neighbours..... BigBadBns, you want to send me a sensor(s) or a Cooldrive ?? PM?
  13. I was a 1st timer putting COOLDRIVE4 into my casing. Terrible Nightmare! http://www.hardwarezone.com/articles/vi ... d=994&pg=3 1) View the photo which shows the bottom of the Cooler. There are two wires sticking out of the COOLDRIVES's profile red and yellow. These obstruct the unit from sliding when the casings 5.25" space is narrow. It happened in reviews. It happened to me and most probably happened to you. I almost broke the wires by forcing the unit into my casing before I noticed. 2) My guess for your continous beeping is due to faulty thermal sensors. My nightmare story: I set up the cooldrive into my PC after solving the fitting issue. It gave continous beeping, which I reset but it came back on again. Re-mounted the HDD and sensors still had the beeping even after resetting the alarm. Checked the display and showed my CPU at 3 degrees C and HDD at 65 degrees C. Thought I taped the sensors wrongly and redid the sensor. Still beeping for Kingdom come.... After 8 hours, finally swapped the two sensors with the remaining 2 sensors, peace and quiet was acheived in my household. Turned out the sensors were faulty in the first place! I am currently using on HDD, Casing temperature probes but using the fans HDD, VGA, Casing. So the darn thing works whether you have attached or not attached any fans, sensors to it. You only need to reset the alarm once on bootup. So if your unit keeps beeping even after resetting the alarm, probable cause is the thermal sensor. Sad ending to my nightmare, the local distributor refused to replace my sensors, couldn't find replacements locally. Canada sells them at US $10 a piece (exclude shipping)... I got the whole COOLDRIVE4 at US$35, could have brought a new COOLDRIVE in Singapore for the costing of shipping 2 sensors to me..*Sigh*.... Hope my input solves the problem.
  14. That's a nice panel, when would it be available in Singapore? Was thinking of Cav. 1 but this looks nicer (subjective to other folks) with the new side panel
  15. Yes, he has really done a good job trying to resolve the difficulties some of us have with CM products. Continue with the good work guy!