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  1. I did disasembled the keyboard and measure whether there was a discontinuty when not pressing the switch. Indeed there was and when pressing you could see that the discontinuety disappear. so physically the keyboard works but not when plugged in to the computer and when typing. I tried it both on debian and win 10 and alt left isn't working in any of them
  2. Hi, I have had a CM Storm QuickFire Rapid Gaming Keyboard MX Red for 4 years now and have been very careful since I bought it. for two weeks ago I worked with it as usual and suddenly Alt and right Alt keys stopped working. I did unplug and plug it several times, restarted my computer and tried it both in Debian and Windows 10. Nothing happened. Alt keys still not working. I did some research on google and find that I need to unplug the keyboard and plug it in while holding Fn+Alt right. nothing happened. I did unplugg the keyboard again and tried Fn + E to clear the onboard memory. Nothing happened and the keys are still not working. I have no idea why both Alt keys stopped working at the same time. Can somebody please tell me how to fix this? I dont think that the swiths are faulty (how possible is it that the switches stop working at exacly same time?). I really love this keyboard and dont want to stop using it and I am very dependent at using Alt keys. Anybody can give me a hint on how to fix it?