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  1. ChrisM

    Cooler Master ML240R Liquid cooler

    Hey. Topmounted or frontmounted? Try to let the radiator tilt a bit. Put some books under pc or some. Give the air a place to settle. Tilt the pc a little bit it will be gone before the week
  2. ChrisM

    What is the pump speed Cooler Master ML240R RGB???

    Hi. Mine goes to 2356rpm. Just set to 100% and forget
  3. ChrisM

    Show Us Your Cases!

    Here my little ryzenbuild. Waiting on 3 argb fans as frontintake. Gigabyte X470 Ultra Gaming Ryzen 5 1600 @3.9 1.28volts 16gb Ddr4 Hyperx@3200 120 ssd en 250 ssd R9 280X ML240R RGB. And several led strips
  4. ChrisM

    ML240r ARGB

    Feel ya pain. Get weirder. The argb ports and the rgb port from the same controller dont sync colors. So now way to have argb and rgb display same color cycle Going for a redstick for unity
  5. ChrisM

    Mirage effect

    Hi. Got the ML240R running on a X470 Ultra Gaming. Got a mf120r rgb extra. On the argb controller there is one port and splitter for the mirage effect. This is working perfecly with the RGB fan Can i split this to apply to all the fans incl the argb ones on the cooler Are there 3 way splitter for this? Thanks in advance
  6. ChrisM

    Switched colors on RGB Fusion

    Dont think your led have the same ammount of colors as the controller. Ex. 16.2 against 7 mil
  7. ChrisM

    Weird noise from ML240L RGB pump

    And did u ever get and answer? cause i have the same noise