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  1. so, as suggested by a msi forum expert, to solve my noisy gpu fan i either change for a new MSI fan but its invalidated by my green paint -or- i buy another gpu similar 180€ or higher 300$ with better fan and sink with lower noise (which i guess my actual msi gpu also promised to do out of the box, but the pc guy gave my setup already noisy) then the msi helper gave me a link for a new 3rd-party fan with processor sink which the thickness is not a problem because i can cut out more space on the side of the lid to give the fan room to breath... it will only weaken my metal lid structure because i already have a cut on the top that makes the lid wobbly but once screwed in it wont budge! ARCTIC accelero mono plus - 40$
  2. well, since i used my green led strip for the interior, i had to go to the fan settings and put it back to a green light also!
  3. basically my cooler master elite 110 modding, is finished (after the black paint retouch) - soundzen out !
  4. Seasonic Focus +80 Gold full modular 550W - what an hassle-free setup it is now... out of 7 cables available in the box, i only used 3 - Air at last !!! look how clean and roomy it is now inside... black mesh psu cables for MB + CPU + SDD and a tight 20cm yellow SATA3 cable i can peek inside and see my ram, my cpu fan, my graphic and my disc and above all slide my hand within to reach a cable so one less mod from previous post - im going to save 50$ in cable modding and keep these as it is. i can even see through the front grid all the way back
  5. got a second case sticker - those vinyl for laptops - and its nice... not quite the kawasaki green of the front, but the camo blends well now i need to spray with black paint on the side panels and hide those previous stains...after removing the sticker and the acrylic window
  6. hi, indeed the elite 130 for so much disc cables is the thing for you - i have a single sdd in my elite 110 and its just at the limit - so go bigger within the ITX cases
  7. hi, supposing that you have a complete pc with its processor, its graphic card, sound card, memory slots full and a proper US voltage power supply - its hard to pin point a problem without knowing: 1) the case is vibrating? (does it have anti-vibrating feet) 2) a component inside is buzzing? (like a fan near vents) 3) no screen show up after turning it on? (bios / welcome / login) bought it from friend without witnessing it run first? you turned it back on and it powers off, by itself? ...and still afterwards, it buzzes still? i would think its a PSU problem... try unplugging every component from pc and leave only the power chord in then turn on your pc and see if it crashes again as you power it up! as for the screen problem: is it about the bios screen? is shows up a advertising brand for motherborad, such as Asus, Msi, Gigabyte, etc... does your pc even beeps on powering it up?
  8. all i see are cpu cooling, why? there are either air fans or water kits for cpu mostly and yet its not the hotest component! my poor GPU is making hiss (i stop the fan with my fingers and the noise subside) so im thinking of either turning it to a passive cooling or add basic watercooling My options: - i take out the noisy MSI fan and let the silver dissipator do its job alone - i replace the fan but will encounter fitting problems with MSI chasis - i put water cooling on processor with radiator + fan on front case --> MSI aero nvidia gtx 1050ti 4Gb OC (for my itx case CM elite 110)
  9. another day, another mod... finished my acrylic top window: it was past 10PM so to finish the mod today, without waking up my neighbours with the buzz of a Dremel, i used fire and blade to cut my piece from bigger sheet. Took a cutter, heated it to the flame and cut the acrylic along the line... and with a heated screwdriver ive punctured the 6 holes, then put on these screws from outisde-in, to hide the bolts and voilá! also bought a polyurethane translucent superglue if i wanted to seal up the perimeter but i notice that the metal tags for the screws are not flat out with the acrylic, so the glue will drip out... with the window done, next is the final paint of the lid... maybe a matte dark as the original case colour, because i already have enough green touches, here and there (even more with the future green led strip inside and the mod green cable sleeves). ----------
  10. still my noise problem continues and after shutting down / unplugging fan after fan, i can pin point the noise coming from my MSI graphic fan (a lite hum from my psu which im changing it next week, while i swap my NOX for a SeaSonic fully modular (to clean up the cable management within by keeping only 3 cables out of the 8 that come with every non-modular psu) and with this new psu, i can later swap in for 40$ Shakmods green sleeve cables (all i need is the cpu + motherboard + sata): i see 3 options: since i dont have 200$ for a new GPU, i either remove the original MSI fan and leave alone the passive radiator covering the processor, hoping its own heat will dissipate trough the side panel -OR- swap for another fan that will imply the removal of the passive radiator in other to match & fit -OR- i save some cash to later install a water cooling kit that is compatible with my nvidia MSI aero 1050 model... Choices, choices !!!
  11. well, the camo green vinyl came back with a bad quality so i didnt even stick it on my case! i probably chose a low resolution photo... pixel was visible close look! *in the bin* so im thinking of a simple spray paint for all the sides of my case lid, but also, im cutting out a window! since im afraid that dust will enter trough the top grill by obvious gravity, i decided to cut out the top grill with my Dremel and purchase an acrylic small panel to screw it to the metal tags i left on the cover case, as such... and yeah im not a pro, im a girl, im an amateur so spare me the not clean 7 not straight / not professional look the job shows LOL going out to get me an acrylic sheet and cut it to the windows size along with some metal screws that will allow to peek trough inside the pc from above, also let the green led beam out and keep out the dust since there is plenty of air flowing trough the side panels and the huge front frill and 140mm fan! simple job: spray paint, cut acrylic, puncture 6 holes, screw it all in.
  12. Hello modders, I always loved small itx cases for space and transport reasons and so i chose cm elite 110 case to do a simple quick mod on it, even if i manage to cut my hand in the process... sincerely i have no time, no money and no skills to built a high end pro mod rig as others here (my budget pc gaming costed me 800$ plus 200$ to mod it including keyboard + mouse), but im as thrilled and happy with the final results, DIY with no help from outsiders (no heavy machinery, no cutters or drillers nor 3D programing) its a simple, easy but nice result. Here are step-by-step photos of the case mod (which come out of the box with power blue led button): 1) put a cooler master green led strip within, after cutting off the front honeycomb grid 2) cleaned the inner border of the remaining honeycomb panel and painted the front frame green 3) look of the front panel with nox keyborad along with razer mouse + pad and my old samsung 24" 4) purchased a masterfan MF121L rgb fan and also changed the panel power led to green 5) scotch-taped a provisional camo print before ordering it online, after spraying my initials on top grid 6) painting various parts of Elite 110 such as the PSU cage then screwed-in a handle, sprayed in green 7) the gpu MSI gtx 1050ti Aero @ 3.6Ghz was lightly painted on the outer shell next the motherboard gigabyte z370n wifi - which i was nervous about, because of the octane slot 9) then accident happened with screwdriver slipping into hand, so had to stop mod for 2 days 10) the green painted parts, leaving out my Crucial 500gb ssd, my G-skills Aegis 8Gb DDR4 ram and my nox X650w atx psu 11) with my hand back in action, i dremel cut the metal in order to see and vent better my gpu 12) after dremel cut, its time for cleaning out those cutting edges because i didnt want another injury 13) and also changed those original hard plastic and slim black feet for these higher white anti-vibration rubber ones THE FINAL RESULT !!! In my to-do-list: - put camo sticker - cut acrylic window - engrave steamos - weld shorter led strip - change psu full modular - purchase green cables PRO & CONS of elite 110: - cheap, small, cute and easy transport - allows an squared ATX power supply - psu cables become messy inside - plastic feet too close to surface - every side has a ventilation grid - no place for hdd factor at top racket MY SCORE ON THE CASE: 8/10