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  1. Thanks Mohd - My case does not have a serial number sticker on it. It may not have had one, or I might have removed it during assembly. Honestly I don't recall. The ticket system won't let you submit anything with out that so I had to register "something" - I picked an accessory kit (no serial number required). I just want to buy a part, not warranty service. The case is fine and over a year old now anyway.
  2. I have a Master Box 5 pro and and want to relocate the front panel controls (to a custom enclosure on my desk) without ruining the case itself. In the EU store there is a Cooler Master 621049300-GP (I/O panel) that I want to use. Searching the US store however does not return any result. Is this part available in the US? Buying it through the EU store essentially triples the price with VAT and shipping. Does anyone know how to contact CM directly. I asked on twitter and was referred here (and support). Thanks.