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  1. The fans are functioning, and in the end, thats what I care about the most. Though I do very much want the lights to work. When I set everything up, I originally plugged in a SATA cable that was not compatible with my PSU. Its fully Modular, and the cables for the PSU matched those of ANOTHER PSU I have, so yea. It didnt work, and obviously the PC wouldnt turn on unless I unplugged this cable. So, wanting these RGB lights so badly, I opted to pay a hefty price to get a full cable kit for the PSU I have, simply just to get ONE SATA cable. They just arrived today, I popped open the case, and I plugged it all in. To my dismay, they arent turning on. The top fan only lights up with a little blue light, but its not even fully bright. The bottom fan has no lights turning on at all. I dont know if its the fan controller within the case that got screwed up when I plugged that other SATA cable in, or if it is the RGB cable from the fans. Either way, I wanna figure it out. I even tried only plugging in the bottom fan, and no lights ever showed. This leads me to fear it might be the fan cables themselves, but I dont know. Anywho, I dont know if maybe there are solutions to this, or if I should try and get a replacement fan controller? And if that doesnt work, I guess that means I replace the fans. But I gotta start somewhere, so here I am.