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  1. Yes please! Same problem buddy, i own 4 xornets now with broken wheels... I can't find a proper replacment for this mouse, they've made a great design but thrown the shittiest possible mouse wheel. I really hope theyll return xornet, MM 520 feels worse, larger, heavier (you have to remove weight inside), and build quality feels worse aswell, none of my xornet buttons fly but MM 520 did straight out of the box
  2. Hello, same problem here I have 4 BROKEN xornet 2 mouses, all of thm have scroll wheel broken, unfortunaly i've bought mm 520 aswell, and it feels much cheaper and unnecessarily large (i've also removed the weight inside, cause it was too heavy), i've tried g102 but it's too long and not wide enough. Nothing i've found comes close to xornet, either they are much heavier or look like xornet but scaled in size which is not good for me. Funnily enough my hand is very large, but i only move my wrist, i'm really hoping they'll refresh it properly
  3. Seriously i love this mouse but the quality of mouse wheel is terrible, it keeps breaking every few months. Now that i could no longer find a new xornet 2 mouse, i decided to buy MM 520 but it doesn't feel as good to me. Is it possible that you guys could send me a replacement mouse wheels + feet? I already contacted cm support but i was told i should contact the shop instead, it's a simple task i can do it myself, so i thought it would be bothersome to send them for such a simple task.