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  1. It came with Asus prime B450-PLUS. I have the same hub controller 'thing' you have. I believe my motherboard does have RGB headers but I'm not sure if the cooler RGB is wired up correctly.
  2. So I just purchased a new pc and it come with the ML240R RGB. I am having a couple problems with setting it up. 1. The pump will not light up. I have tried looking on google but can't seem to find an answer as to why it won't and how to make it light up. 2. I cannot get the cooler to connect to Asus Aura, which it says it does on the box... and the same thing will the cooler master case fans. They won't show up in Asus Aura either. Now when it comes to PC's I don't really know much, which is the reason I bought a prebuilt one instead of building one myself. Is there a certain way the cables have to connect up or something? Any help would be appreciated. Tia