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  1. Hello All, Anyone know if the HAF XB EVO is still in production? I saw it around a month ago for about $100, but now prices have soard for what little is available. And where it's available, it's via scetchy 3rd party's. I have not gotten a response from CM support so far concerning this matter. Is it normal for case availability to fluctuate this much considering it's been around for years? Assuming it's in production, of course. Regards, ME
  2. Hello All, I've had a HAF392 and while it's great, I'm wanting to move to the HAF XB Evo for the horizontal board mounting. My biggest issue is fitting in a Hyper212 Evo and an Noctua 200mm fan at the top. I may be a bit blind and missing it, but I can't find info on the clearance between a cpu and the top of the case. Any help y'all may be able to provide would be a great help. Oh, and I welcome recommendations! I'll take performance and stability/quality over noise any day. Thanks, Me!