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  1. hello . im gonna buy the z390 aorus master for my new i7 9700k cpu and wanted to ask about a particular cooler and dimensions. i wanted to pair it with the coolermaster masterair maker 8 . i know its a big cooler and i want to be sure i dont mess up anything with my purchases , i know the fans from the coolers can go up so for ram no problem ,.my question is will it collide with the upper left and top parts of the motherboard since from the look of photos these are also pretty big . and 2ndly if it would collide with the gpu , i got the gtx 1080 gigabyte windforce oc edition . i asked also aorus and they told me it should be ok but close and that the cooler would need about 25mm clearance from the base of the board to the bottom of the fan to fit. also if there is a better option on air cooling for the i7 9700k i would really love your suggestion