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  1. RGBLunatic

    Support Needed

    Hello, Not sure I am the only one with this problem but I have a support ticket open and it seems the person who was handling my case is no longer responding and I really need someone to help me out. I purchased a C700M fulltower case in October of 2018 and the RGB lighting on the case is faulty all of the sudden, possibly the controller card. I've provided all the information I can right now but the person handling my case is NOT responding for several days. What can I do? this is not the only ticket I have open either, I've spent a lot of money in the last few months on Cooler Master and require support. Ticket number is 00134238 Thank you!
  2. RGBLunatic


    Did you try holding it down for a few seconds?
  3. RGBLunatic

    C700M Front LED Problem

    I am noticing this same issue and I just opened a ticket with support. If I set it to a solid color it's worse (like the magenta which is my fav) so I have switched it to a different color and mode and it works but the top leds don't light up on side. Truly a disappointment for such a pricy case from CM.
  4. RGBLunatic

    Cooler Master ML360R

    I bought this cooler and opened up a ticket through the fan zone over a month ago and CM is not responding to it. What steps do I need to take to get support? I am unable to locate my serial number for this cooler is the main problem.
  5. RGBLunatic

    My First PC Build HELP Please! C700P

    How much did you spend on that case ? I am seeing it for more than double than it's MSRP. You should of gone with the C700M case which has better airflow , design and the free GPU riser.
  6. RGBLunatic

    i7 8700k liquid cooling

    240 / 280 / 360 all work fine. If you're going to do any high overclock I would recommend a delid too. I have the same chip cooling it in a C700M and I setup push pull on the top and get about 30c idle and make load about 60c. I'm leveraging the ML360R cooler and love it, also have a 240 in a different case but same chip. My oc is only like 4.8 GHZ so it's a mild one, 5.0 + I don't like the voltage.
  7. RGBLunatic

    ML360 RGB TR4 high Temperature

    Did you make sure you peeled off the plastic sticky thingy on the cold plate before mounting?