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  1. So I've got this connected to to the controller that came with it in the case, since apparently there's no way to do it on the RGB posts on my motherboard (going to get a USB-hub-to-Mini on it once the part arrives) but I wanted to know - How do you get the cooler to just show one solid color with the controller? Is there a way to do this? I don't want cycling or anything like that -- I just want to show one solid color. Can I do that at all with the controller? And if so, how?
  2. I would imagine you'd need a cooler master hub, right? My mobo has 2 connections for RGB, but I'm confused as to which provided connector on the cord is supposed to work.
  3. So I have 2 4 pin connectors on my MSI Tomahawk board - but the connectors for the RGB labeled for MSI have a block-out where the third pin would go, and a 3 pin on the Gigabyte connector. I have NO idea how to connect these to my Motherboard so that I can have the RGB work? If it can't connect to the motherboard, am I going to be able to use the RGB in that at all?