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  1. Update Received replacement I/O panel today. Who ever you are Thank you !
  2. On October 23rd i rec3eived this : CM Fanzone Notice - Your RMA application has been approved Dear ******,Your part request PRUSCA1803006 has been placed on back order as we are currently out of stock for the requested part.Once the part is back in stock, the requested part will be shipped and tracking information will be emailed to you.If your product is out of warranty, you may be able to purchase the part requested from our online store at: If you need to check your Parts Request Status, please login at and select 'Request Parts' from under the 'My Support' heading.If you have any questions, please login at and submit a 'Support Ticket'.Respectfully,The Cooler Master Team
  3. I bought the c700p from amazon back in march of 2018. Brand new computer from top to bottom. Put everything together turn it on to find that the top I/O is not functioning properly. I can't get Asus aura sync to work, notice the HDD LED light is not working and setting the fans to High, turns of the other lights on the panel. I contacted support the first few days via website support (Ticket#00117546) and was told that the I/O panel was defective and it was going to be replaced, but the part was out of stock. I opted to replace the part myself instead of sending back to amazon for a replacement. I also own a Cosmos 2 case since it came out and never had issues getting support/parts for that case. A few weeks go by and the system automatically closes the ticket. No e-mail from Customer service and no parts mailed to me. I opened another ticket a few months later (ticket # 00125214) and mentioned first ticket, and was told this time that a part will be shipped right away as soon as the Parts warehouse is finished moving and inventory is done. Well guess what, ticket got closed again by the system. no e-mail from customer service or parts shipped. Opened an RMA request (RMA No.:CUSCA1810006) on october 5th. the RMA is still under verification. No contact from Customer service. Here is a video of what the case is doing I'm also trying to get the spare HDD caddys for this case and I can't buy any in north america. EU has it in stock...whats up with that? Are you guys closing shop or what? This unacceptable !!