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  1. Link to topic since I don't want to spam.
  2. After more then a year since my last attempt... I'm back with a slightly better design. My previous design was terribly so this one will hopely lead to a better understanding than the H100 now. Back in 2018 I wanted to build a small but powerfull pc and with the 3rd gen ryzen cpu's I wanted one more then ever. The idea is still the same but thiss time the PSU is under the motherboard instead of infront of it. (PS. Still terribly at photoshop) In my old forum post I mentioned a 120mm rad but a 240mm topmounted one would be better.
  3. I wanted to buy the Eite 130 as a Lanbox/ lowprofile game pc case but the 130 came out in 2013. It is still a really solid case but I would like something a bit modern. I thought of a elite 130 with a H500P/M front 200mm fan for great(er) airflow. Excuse my bad paint skills :( I'm still learning Photoshop Ideas: 200MM fan on the front I/O on the side (like the Q300l) or on top (H500M) (I don't know if it will fit next to the fan) USB Type-C Mesh of Acrylic front panel RGB ofcourse (No?!! It's 2018) Bracket for 140mm/120mm Rad (Completly new 200MM Rad?)