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  1. Dwolf


    so i was wondering, since it says u can add a 3rd fan in the back, does the 3rd bracket for the fan comes included inside the box?
  2. hey guys, sup i was wondering something, is it possible to swap the 140mm fans from the MA Maker 8 with the master fan pro 140mm fans?? if so which should i use, airflow, air pressure or air balance?
  3. Dwolf

    v8 GTS

    hello, guys i have an issue, im using an asus prime b250m-a and i would LOVE to know if the v8 gts size would affect the 1st pcie slot from the motherboard?? like can i plug in a gpu in there with no clearance issue using the v8 gts??? algo would the h500 case "http://www.coolermaster.com/case/mid-tower/mastercase-h500/" be able to fit in the v8 gts?