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  1. ive taken it out because my GF was complaining about a smell, and pulled it apart. it seems as though the Q8 transistors solder is looking fried and the center of the transistor is swollen. this is only on the 3rd port. would it be safe to still use once it gets past the smell or is that part of the PCB always going to have current running through it?
  2. i have the RGB triple fan set, and i just got an LED strip from TJmaxx super cheap.. it has the same connection as the RGB control connectors. so i thought i was a genius! and i used the extra cable and "male to male" converter that the triple set came with (even though there are only 3 fans it comes with 4 cables). at 1st it worked well, just the colors werent as accurate. but after a few minutes of messing around, the lights went to super bright and i couldn't change the color anymore. i heard a crackle come from my back panel(where my RGB controller was). so as fast as i could i shut it down and unplugged the strip. now my RGB controller smells a bit like shorted electronics, i think its slowly going away but im wondering if it should be of concern? i moved it to where i can see it and get airflow for the time being..