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  1. Maybe it's your antivirus, i also found out the hard way.. related post here hope it helps..
  2. I know it's late, but... disable your antivirus and i'll go thru.. related post here
  3. Product Mouse Xornet II (SGM-2002-KLON1) I've just purchased one sgm-2002-klon1 and i'd like to note that there are antivirus software, like latest ESET, that have USB protection and this feature was blocking the proper firmware update over usb from v1.0 to latest. I'm just posting this here so you the support can implement a method of informing their customers on the next version of the Portal, or something similar. Took about 1,5h to figure out what was happening!! Again, CoolerMaster, thank you for making great products! P.S. i've also opened ticket about it (#00128097)