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  1. Hi. I have a beautiful C700p case, and im wondering if the riser kit from C700M can be used in my case, and if its possible to buy it. 1 more thing, i have a pcie soundcard, wil i be able to use it even with that riser kit installed? i have fell in love with that 45 degree mounting :-D im planning to get a 2070FE when it come. 1 more thing, i have switched the rig to inverted layout.
  2. yup... thats why i call mine rig Silent-Ice, 3 x 120 fans, 4 x 140 fans, 1 360 rad, and still i have to be total silent to hear it :--) btw.... if you are going c700/1000 and want to swap it to right side... be prpared for 3-4 hours of work.. but it sure is worth every penny