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  1. I have recently got cm 280 pro . the cooler works fine as far the temps are concerned. But the fan is generating noise under heavy load which is unbearable and even after using headphone it is hearable. I tried raising ticket which was directed to local service center team. they agreed to replace the fans. But due to stock issues they sent some case fans which though have rubber feeding. CFM is no where closer to the stock fans which i can feel the fans pushing air at 2800 RPM. I need the stock fan replacement is this defective for this unit or for every unit. CM280+PRO+PUMP+NOISE.zip
  2. Does this covers under warranty . Will the damaged parts get replaced at market value. refund.
  3. Even i am facing on day 1 the fan is making noise unbearable. When check with tech team they forwarded me to local service centre. I have checked with them and they approved the fan replacement but no stock on current stock fans. I got a replacement red led fans which is no where closer the stock fan speed can reach 2800RPM with vibration control rubber pad on each side.
  4. As per the title i recently got the cooler. the cooling efficiency has not changed but when needed full speed is generating the rattling sound above 7500 rpm. it starting slowly and audiable outside the case fans of 10+ running at full speed. cm 280 rattling sound on normal to turbo to full speed.zip