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  1. Still waiting. Should I contact the seller? Maybe they actually value speed in customer relations.
  2. Still waiting to hear back, making your competitors look a lot more enticing by the day. That's bizarre Troxcidal, doesn't make sense why their Warranty department is so lack luster. This should be a fairly quick turn around if they have even a few techs working in it.
  3. Yes its another one of those posts. I submitted my RMA request on 9-13-2018 for my V750S and have not received a response. The automated system showed my warranty is in date. I'm actually surprised as I own several Cooler Master products including two cases and a 10 year old power supply that's currently powering my main PC because the newer V750S PSU failed. The quality of CM's products has been great, but the support time is quite lacking from what I've seen.