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  1. Great to see coolermaster looks at their forum for customers that need HELP.................. nothing in nearly 3 weeks, what a joke
  2. Hi, We have a H500M case with the Masterliquid maker 240 radiator and reservoir kit. Having issue between the 2 manuals as to where to mount the reservoir? It says we should be able to base mount it on the case mounting but there is not 4 holes on the reservoir to do this. And if you mount it as per the Masterliquid makers manual it bends the case and the reservoir it sitting off the ground and bends over on a 20 degree angle due to the bending in case frame. So we moved it to the base mount but again it has no holes to screw it to this. Both manuals contradict each other with limited solutions that you would class a job well done. A little lost at the moment. Thanks for the help