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  1. I did purchase 4 of these fans from Newegg.com and they were shipped from China. I suggest that you be careful though as I didn't realize that my AURA compatible motherboard has the wrong style of RBG header and the 3-pin ARGB connector on the fan won't plug into it. I'm trying to find an adapter or controller and no luck yet.
  2. I've just purchase 4 of the MasterFan MF120R ARGB fans and their 3-pin ARGB connector is not compatible with the 4-pin 5050 RGB header on my motherboard (ASUS Prime X470-Pro). I was hoping to take advantage of the AURA compatibility of the fans. I’m looking for any solution that would allow me to accomplish this. The only controller that I’ve found that would seem to work is the Adressable RGB Controller that comes with the ML240R Liquid Cooler. Cooler Masters doesn’t seem to sell this specific controller separately and I haven’t been able to reach anyone at Cooler Masters when I’ve called. If anyone has any suggestions, I would really appreciate it.
  3. I'm having the same issue having just purchased 4 MasterFan MF12R ARGBs only to learn their their 3-Pin ARBG connection is not compatible with my 4-pin 5050 RGB header on my motherboard (ASUS Prime X470-Pro). It does look like the Cooler Master ML240R comes with its own controller (same shown in the picture above) but I'm unable to find where I can purchase one. Does anyone know where I could find this controller or another that would work in its place?